Hi, I’m Yusuf

Currently: I’m the Co-Founder and CEO at Pelago, formerly Quit Genius, the world’s first digital clinic for substance use management. I’m a Londoner living in New York City.

Occasionally: I like to back hungry, foolish and humble founders. As an angel investor, I’m privileged to have partnered with 30+ startups including Curebase, Causal, Safi, Mercury, Levels, Replit, Oto Health, Inflow, Sequence, TeamOut, Mytos, Prembly and others. 

Previously: I bootstrapped two startups (1 modest exit, 1 failed). I was born and brought up in London, UK. I studied Medicine (MD) and Management (BSc) at Imperial College London. In 2019, I was named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative Business People and Forbes’ 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs.

How to reach me: You can reach me via Twitteremail or join >1k subscribers to stay notified of new posts.